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Tuesday, 02 November 2010 09:09

Ashta Prabhandham by Sri PiLLai PerumAL IyengAr:

The Unjal utsavams at Srirangam are famous and most enjoyable as one sees the Lord Sri RanganAthan and SriranganAyaki sway gently back and forth in their specially decorated Unjals to the singing of beautiful songs. They come near us and they go away from us as the archakAs gently push the Unjal forward and backward. The AabharaNams reflect the dheepams in the hall and one gets mesmerized enjoying the Munn and the Pinn Servais. 

Dhivya Kavi Sri PiLLai PerumAL Iyengar, a direct disciple of Swamy ParAsara Bhattar is said to have lived about 250 years ago. He and His grandson, KonEriappan Iyengar are the celebrated creators of the Unjal Prabhandhams for Sri RanganAtha and Sri RanganAyaki ThAyaar. These Unjal Prabhandhams are one of the 96 kinds of Tamizh Prabhnadhams with defined lakshaNams. Dhivya Kavi PiLLai PerumAL IyengAr is the author of Ashta Prabhandhams:

  1. ThiruvarangatthandhAthi
  2. Thiruvarangatthu Maalai
  3. Thiruvaranga Kalambhaham
  4. SriranganAthar Unjal ( Oosal)
  5. ThiruvEngaDa Maalai
  6. ThiruvEnfgadatthandhAthi
  7. Azhagar AndhAthi
  8. 108 Thiruppathi AndhAthi

 The excerpts from the Ashta Prabhandhams have been recorded few years ago by Smt. Padma.  Padma’s mastery of Chandham /layam is evident there. I have added commentaries to the various Prabhandham seyyuLs (Verses) recorded here  in English. The selected verses from the Ashta Prabahnadhams, the Raagams chosen and the introductions  for them have been described in detail in here,  and the audio inks are provided below:

 To listen to full Ashta Prabandham  click here.

 To listen to individual Ashta Prabandham click here. 

Desika Prabhandham - An Introduction

It would be beyond adiyen’s capacity to speak about the upakaram Swami Desikan has done to us by way of blessing us with numerous stotras, rahasya granthas, commentries and Tamil prabandhams. Swami Desikan himself identifies him as “sandhamiku tamizh maraiyon thuppul thonRum vedantha guru mozhintha”.  Swami Desika has blessed us with more than 20 prabandhams in tamil and most of them highlight the concepts he analysed in his terse commentries in Sanskrit, Tamil and Manipravala. One can easily appreciate the sweetness of these verses for its rhythm, simplicity and the meanings it convey about our sampradayam. Read more here.

To listen to full Desika Prabandham  click here.

 To listen to individual Desika Prabandham  click here.

Please enjoy these rare Prabahndhams set to Music.

 DhAsan, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan   

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